What a helpful fiancé! Jennifer Lopez revealed that Alex Rodriguez helped bring her upcoming movie Hustlers to life when he provided her with info about how strip clubs work IRL.

“When [he asked], ‘What’s your next movie about?’ and I was telling him, he was like, ‘Oh, I know a lot about strip clubs. I can help you,'” the 50-year-old recently told E News! “He actually did start telling me, because, you know, sports players, a lot of them, spend a lot of time in strip clubs,” she said. “He told me how it all works, like how the guys come in the back door.”

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If you watch the film, which premieres on September 13, and see them incorporate those details, you can thank the former baseball player, 44. “All that stuff in the movie with the back door and stuff was information that I gave them, so that was amazing,” she added.

A-Rod wasn’t the only one with helpful tips. Cardi B, who was formerly a stripper before rising to fame on Love & Hip Hop: New York, made sure to share all the knowledge she had from her personal experiences.

“I know how it felt when you gotta pay a house fee, and when you pay a house fee, you know how much you got left after working an eight-hour shift,” the 26-year-old told the outlet. “You know, there’s some strip clubs in the hood where you will work a four-hour shift and the club that [Constance Wu] is supposed to work at, those clubs you gotta work for eight hours,” she continued. “If you don’t have the game, baby … you gotta have that game. It’s all about how you make a man feel.”

J. Lo, Cardi and Constance costar alongside Lili Reinhart and Keke Palmer. Can September get here sooner?!