Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi didn’t hold back while addressing critics who have discussed her weight and called her “huge.”

“I just feel like there’s so many comments about people commenting on people’s weight, and ‘Oh my god she got so big,’ or ‘Oh my god he’s huge,’” Nicole, 35, told Entertainment Tonight in an interview published on Monday, August 1. “It’s just like – it’s the center of everyone’s attention.”

The MTV personality added that she’s “always fluctuated with [her] weight.” She continued, “And after three kids, it’s really hard to get back into it unless I’m really working out every single day, no carbs.”

Nicole shares sons Lorenzo, 10, and Angelo, 3, and daughter, Giovanna, 7, with her husband, Jionni LaValle, whom she married in 2014.

“I’m happy with my body,” she said. “I don’t need to be a stick figure you know what I mean?”

Nicole then clarified that she wasn’t necessarily healthier when she was slimmer. “Especially when I had Lorenzo, I was working out crazy,” Nicole recalled. “I was like 90-something pounds, but all I did was work out. I never had time to myself to indulge.”

“Just stop making it a thing. If someone’s happy in their own skin, you don’t need to comment,” she concluded.

The interview is not the first time Nicole has opened up about her weight. On July 20, the TV personality took to TikTok to discuss her lifelong struggle with weight and told her followers that she was underweight in high school and even wasn’t eating at one point.

“High school – not great. Wasn’t eating. Underweight. Had no energy. It was getting scary,” Nicole revealed. “So, high school was not a good place for me with weight.”

Jersey Shore's Snooki Claps Back at Trolls Who Criticized Her Weight: 'I'm Happy With My Body’
Curtis Means/Ace Pictures/Shutterstock

She then explained that her view changed when she was cast on Jersey Shore in 2009. “I was like, you know what? I’m going to enjoy my life,” the mother of three said, explaining that she decided to not worry “about what I was eating.”

Nicole then noted it’s “not OK” for people to comment on other’s weight and said hurtful words can trigger unhealthy behaviors.

“You could put people in a hole again after they finally got out ​of it. So, this video is for everyone out there. Stop commenting on people’s weight. It doesn’t matter,” Nicole said. “It doesn’t matter if you gain 10 lb., five lb., or if you lost 20 lbs. Who the f–k cares? As long as you’re a good person and you feel good in your own body. Who cares! So, stop commenting on people’s bodies. It’s not nice.”