Jessica Biel became one of Hollywood’s most recognizable names long before she married her husband, Justin Timberlake, in 2012. The famous power couple has amassed a large fortune, with both sharing a net worth of $250 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth

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Jessica Biel Was a Gymnast and Singer

Before she became an A-lister, the Illusionist actress trained as a level six gymnast when she was in her early teen years and regularly played soccer, according to Variety. After graduating from high school, Jessica attended Tufts University for two years, then initially began her Hollywood career as a vocalist.

Jessica starred in multiple school musicals, modeled for various advertisements and appeared in commercials upon signing with her first talent agent.

When she was 14, the Minnesota native was cast in the drama series 7th Heaven before landing her first featured film role in Ulee’s Gold in 1997. 

Jessica Biel Net Worth: How Much Money the Actress Makes
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Jessica Biel Reached Box Office Success in the Early 2000s

At the start of the 2000s, Jessica starred in multiple movie roles, including Summer Catch, The Rules of Attraction and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Although the 2003 slasher horror film received negative reviews, the box office was a massive success, earning $80 million at the domestic box office. Afterward, Jessica starred in the third installment of the Blade series, Blade: Trinity. The action flick was another box office hit for her, reaching $150 million in worldwide sales. 

In 2022, Jessica costarred alongside Justin in the Hulu crime thriller series Candy, in which she portrayed the titular character. However, the show was not a financial success for the couple, as Jessica explained in an interview with Variety in March 2022. 

“We don’t really have any money left. We sort of spent it all on our main cast and this is one of our last cast members that we need to cast,’” she said, referring to the choice to cast the “Mirrors” artist.

Despite the small paycheck, Justin was dedicated to playing the role in the five-episode miniseries.

“He said, ‘I want to do it,’” Jessica continued. “And I really thought, ‘OK, that’s funny. I’d love for you to do this, but I know that’s not really for real.’ He’s like, ‘No, no, no. For real. I see how funny he could be, but he’s the one who really sees through her story. He’s this major adversary for her. From the very beginning, he doesn’t believe it for one second.’”

Jessica Biel Became a Producer

After finding success as an actress, Jessica explored working as a producer for multiple films and TV shows. In 2016, the Valentine’s Day star produced The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea and appeared in it as well. 

In 2017, Jessica worked as an executive producer and lead character of the murder mystery series The Sinner, followed by Candy in 2022.