Joshua Jackson never saw it coming. On October 2, Jodie Turner-Smith filed for divorce, shocking fans and her husband of nearly four years. “Joshua was clearly caught off guard by Jodie’s decision,” a source exclusively tells Life & Style. “Certainly, they had their issues, as many couples do, but he didn’t realize it was this bad, and that Jodie was this unhappy.” In her filing, the British actress, 37, listed September 13 as their date of separation, just one day after she and the actor, 45, were photographed holding hands at a New York Fashion Week event. “Their friends are also baffled and trying to understand how this came about,” the insider explains. “Joshua and Jodie seemed so devoted to each other. Everyone is shaking their heads. They’re hoping there’s still a chance for reconciliation.”

Jodie seems quite sure of her decision, though, having hired powerhouse attorney Laura Wasser, who recently repped Kevin Costner in his divorce battle. “She’s not asking for anything outrageous,” the source reveals to Life & Style. “They had a prenup and she doesn’t want spousal support. The hope is that, if Jodie and Joshua do go through with the divorce, it stays civil.”