John Cena is putting the squeeze on Vin Diesel and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson by telling tales about their past feud — and sources exclusively tell Life & Style the Fast & Furious frenemies are now bonding over their shared contempt for the Peacemaker star.

“Vin and The Rock don’t appreciate John sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong,” says a source. “They’re convinced it’s a cheap grab for attention — because John doesn’t know a thing about their relationship or where they stand these days!”

As previously reported, Diesel and Johnson got into it in 2021, with The Rock vowing he’d never rejoin the car movie franchise that put his 56-year-old costar in the driver’s seat.

But last year, the former pro wrestler, 51, ate his words and appeared in a mid-credits scene hinting at his character’s return.

“The Rock made a choice to quash the beef after Vin begged him to come back,” says the source. “Now they have this bizarre bromance that everyone speculates about — but one thing the guys agree on is that John should keep his mouth shut!”

Cena, 47 — who joined the franchise in 2021— spoke to rumors that the two made a “tough pairing” when The Rock first signed on in 2011.

“There’s certainly rumors about that. I can’t deny that. You have two very alpha, driven people,” he said on a recent podcast. “You get two, there can only be one!”

According to our source, the comments hit a nerve with Diesel and Johnson. “John may just find himself in a headlock if he doesn’t shut his mouth!” says the source.