Cutting ties. John Legend revealed that he and Kanye West are no longer friends after the “Jesus Walks” rapper’s political views became “too much.”

The “All of Me” crooner, 43, revealed that he and Kanye, 45 “aren’t friends as much as we used to be” during an appearance on “The Axe Files” podcast, which was released on Thursday, August 4.

“I honestly think because we publicly disagreed on his running for office, his supporting [Donald] Trump, I think it became too much for us to sustain our friendship, honestly,” John explained to podcast host David Axelrod. “He was upset that I didn’t support his run for presidency of the United States of America for understandable reasons.”

While John noted that he “wasn’t alone” in the lack of support for Kanye’s political goals, he shared that the “Donda” musician “was not happy about” it. John added, “We really haven’t been close since then.”

The artists met during the early days of their careers have have publicly supported each other’s musical ventures. However, their close bond appears to have ended. That being said, John still had positive things to say about his “very real” former friend and collaborator.

Kanye West John Legend Friendship
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“I think he’s been very open with who he is and his struggles with mental health,” the “Green Light” singer said. “So, I think there’s not a lot about him that people don’t get. Like, he’s been pretty up front with his opinions, his struggles, all the things that he’s dealing with. And I think what you see with him is pretty much what you get. I don’t feel like he’s a whole separate person in private than he is in public. I think you’re pretty much seeing the real Kanye publicly.”

Months prior to John’s podcast appearance, Kanye slammed the Ohio native calling him a “sellout” during a November 2021 interview.

“Both John Legend and Big Sean, when I ran for office, got used quick by the Democrats to come at they boy that actually changed they life,” Kanye said on the “Drink Champs” podcast at the time. “And I don’t rock with neither of them and I need my apologies.”

Kanye went on to say that they were “scared.”

Big Sean, 34, for his part, responded to the comments with his own “Drink Champs” appearance while John stayed tight-lipped until now. “I just got asked to be on the next ‘Drink Champs’ so I’m assuming Ye talkin crazy,” the “I Don’t F–k With You” rapper tweeted before the podcast episode aired. Then, he appeared on the podcast.

“In 2015, when I won a VMA with Ye and John Legend … I was the first person to tweet, ‘Kanye for president.’ The first one, right?” Sean claimed. “When I heard what he was talking about, it didn’t make sense, bro.”