Killing it! Olympic gymnast Jordan Chiles will compete on Team USA for the first time at the 2021 summer games in Toyko — but how many medals does she already have? Considering the elite athlete has been competing as part of the United States National Team since 2013, it’s no surprise that she has a few monumental titles under her belt.

Throughout her junior elite career, the Washington native acquired four bronze medals, three silver medals and seven gold medals in various competitions. So far in her senior elite career, she received three gold medals in vault, floor and team during the 2019 Pacific Rim Championships and a bronze medal in all-around at the 2018 FIG World Cup.

In comparison, her best friend and fellow USA teammate Simone Biles has a whopping four Olympic gold medals, as well as another 26 world championship medals. She is considered the most decorated gymnast in the world and one of the most prolific athletes to ever compete in her sport.

Simone’s Olympic wins have made her a pretty penny — so if Jordan ends up taking home any medals this year, she will earn a sizable stipend from them. Competitors are paid $37,500 per gold medal, $22,500 per silver medal and $15,000 per bronze medal, according to a 2018 report from CNBC. So far, the Ohio native’s skills have made her a collective $165,000.

Jordan credits her close friend for supporting her throughout her journey to the Olympic games. “Having [Biles] by my side 24/7 and giving me encouraging words every day definitely helped and it was very motivational,” she gushed over Simone during a June 2021 appearance on the Today show. “Very happy to have someone like her.”

She also revealed the same month that Simone helped her rekindle her love for the sport after a difficult few years. “I discovered that gymnastics doesn’t always have to be about strictness and being so hard on yourself and having so much doubt,” Jordan explained to the New York Times. “I actually realized this when I saw Simone compete. She looks like she’s having fun out there, laughing and giggling, and doesn’t look stressed or tired. I was like, ‘You know, I’m going to try that one of these days and see how it turns out.’”