Kanye West’s Breakdown — He’s Convinced People Are “Out to Kill Him”

Life & Style has exclusively learned that while Kanye West was being treated following his breakdown, the rapper opened up about some pretty weird things, leaving his family and friends deeply disturbed.

Just days before his hospitalization, the 39-year-old asked Jay Z not have him killed during an onstage rant, which he also addressed with psychiatrists, according to an insider.

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“[He said] people are after him and are out to kill him and sabotage his career,” the insider shares. “He actually said he thinks the Kardashians are out to ruin him and that they are in on the conspiracy.”

kanye west and the kardashians

Kanye made it clear that Kim Kardashian‘s inner circle is adding to his problems. “He discussed the pressure that comes with being part of the family,” a different source reveals.

A Kardashian insider tells In Touch that “before his breakdown, he was hearing voices and taking pills to sleep and to stay awake.” Another source adds, “He’ll walk into a room and look for recording devices behind frames and in flower arrangements. He doesn’t trust anyone. Paranoia has taken over his life.”

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