He can’t let it go! Turns out, Kanye West is a huge fan of Frozen 2. “He’s seen it in the theater, like, five times,” a source tells Life & Style exclusively. “He goes to the movies alone … without his kids!” 

The longtime rapper, 42, has always had a special interest in cinema. “Kanye is obsessed with movies, specifically animated films. He gets swept up in the story, the music, the animation,” adds the insider. “He becomes so obsessed with movies and will see the same one a dozen times. He likes the experience of going to the theater, even though he can get screeners to watch at home like many VIPS do.”

Kanye West Is 'Obsessed' With Animated Films
Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock

As with most of Kanye’s passions, the Georgia-born entrepreneur hopes to get into the movie business himself. “Kanye, who has said, ‘I am Walt Disney,’ wants to make his own animated films one day. It’s just one of his big dreams that he talks about.” We have no doubt that Kanye’s family, especially wife Kim Kardashian, will be on board with that.

After all, the longtime KUWTK star, 39, always supports her man, even if they don’t always see eye to eye. “The one consistent thing is our relationship has never stopped being fun,” she told The Cut in a November 2019 interview. “And it’s OK to not understand each other. It’s OK to not have the same exact feelings all the time.”

Kanye West Is 'Obsessed' With Animated Films

The KKW Beauty mogul continued, “It’s just about figuring out how do we grow from that? Or, what’s the lesson from that? And giving each other space and time to figure that out.”

As for Kanye? He once described being married to Kim in the sweetest way ever. “It’s more than cool. It’s more than cool as hell or something, it’s heavenly, it’s great, it’s magnificent,” he gushed to James Corden during an October episode of Carpool Karaoke.

Here’s an idea, Ye, why don’t you make an animated film about your love story with Kim? We’d definitely watch that, just saying.

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