13 of the Kardashians’ Most Embarrassing Career Moves — Sex Tape Not Included!

Yikes! Kim Kardashian’s sex tape is not the only embarrassing moment in her career!

Kim, along with her famous family, has hit a few bumps in the road before turning their name into a multi-million dollar empire.

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In 2010, just three years after the premiere of KUWTK, Kim teamed up with popular retailer Bebe for a clothing line. However, it wasn’t long before the reality star was accused of copying high-end designers for her collection.

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“I’ve seen some talk online about certain pieces ‘knocking off’ other designer’s pieces and I’d like to share a little piece of fashion wisdom,” she wrote on her blog at the time. “The clothes you see in the chain stores at your mall are all inspired by designer, runway fashion!!! What stores like Bebe do is take runway fashion and use it as inspiration to create pieces that are wearable and accessible for everyone. To say any of our pieces are a knock off is like saying every item in every clothing store in your mall is a knock off.”

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However, sometimes the Kardashians faced legal trouble for their questionable endorsements. Kim along with momager Kris Jenner were the faces of Sketchers Shape-ups when the company was hit with a class-action lawsuit, which resulted in a huge payout to customers. The sisters were also named in a lawsuit for endorsing the diet drug Quick Trim — which was accused of exaggerating its effectiveness.

From Charmin toilet paper to Wrestlemania, there are many career moments we are pretty sure Kim and the rest of the Kardashian family want you to forget!

Click through the gallery below for 13 career moves that almost ruined the Kardashians!