Another day, another celebrity being accused of hiding a pregnancy! Stunning supermodel Kate Upton walked the red carpet at a Breitling event on Feb. 22, and while she looked totally radiant in a shiny mini-dress, one photographer managed to capture an angle where the lighting makes it look like she had a baby bump. Now fans think she might be pregnant! Watch the video above to see the photo that has everyone talking!

This definitely seems to be a case of bad lighting, because Kate's body looks beyond-perfect and bump-free in many other recent photos. On top of that, she seemed to subtly shut down rumors by posting a champagne emoji with the caption "cheers" on a photo from the same event. Even though there's no alcohol in the shot, alluding to it seems to be a hint that she's still down to party. Perhaps fans are just seeing what they want to see, because Kate and her husband Justin Verlander would made an absolutely angelic baby together.

Before her wedding in 2017, Kate told People that kids aren't necessarily on her radar right now. “We definitely want kids, but hopefully not anytime soon," she said. "But of course, you know, oopsies happen!” Between Kate's international modeling and Justin's role on the Houston Astros, the couple is still traveling a lot. Maybe in a few years they'll be ready to slow down and start a family, but that doesn't seem to have happened yet. Kate is very open with her fans, so we're sure she'll let us know when there's something major to celebrate. Until then, keep doing you, girl!