Khloé Kardashian has had so much plastic surgery, she’s virtually unrecognizable — and insiders say that’s exactly the way she wants it! Sources spill the reality queen’s nip/tuck fetish is spurred by her obsession with keeping up with the other Kardashians.

On the family’s Hulu show, Khloé revealed she’s been “torn apart” by the comparisons to her sisters, which made her feel she wasn’t “good enough” and spurred her to overhaul her whole look! But fans think she’s gone way overboard and are begging her to nix all the nips and tucks. “Can she leave her mouth alone? Her lips would look less horrid without the fillers and the over-lining,” one shocked Reddit user wrote. Another wondered, “Why does she have completely different chins in each pic?

In June 2021, the mom of two confirmed she’d had a nose job and Botox, but doctors exclusively tell Life & Style they believe she’s had much more extensive work done — and think she’s gone too far! “She’s relied on fillers, surgery and Photoshop to completely change her look,” says New York cosmetic surgeon Dr. Yoel Shahar. “She’s morphed over the years into someone people don’t even recognize, which is not the goal in plastic surgery.”

He believes “the softened appearance of her jawline makes it look as if she may have undergone ‘jaw Botox,’ to provide a less masculine contour.” Chicago’s Dr. Otto Placik of also detects the signs of a brow or forehead lift. “To be honest, she looked better before,” says Shahar.