Best. Christmas. EVER! Kourtney Kardashian‘s adorable kids found an even more adorable gift under the tree on December 25: a fluffy little Golden Retriever puppy! Kourt broke the news that they’d adopted a new family member on December 26, with several precious Instagram photos of Mason Disick, 10, and Penelope Disick, 7, snuggling with their new, furry little sister.

“But what should we name her?” the 40-year-old captioned the post. Of course, it took mere seconds for fans to begin chiming in with suggestions. Among the thousands of responses were Dolce, Charlie, Luna, Caramel, Dasher, Daisy, Snowflake, Lady and Bailey, but we have to admit, the fan that came up with “Pooshy” has our full support. Picture this: Pooshy, the new Poosh Pooch! It’s kind of perfection.

Mason Disick With New Puppy

We can’t help but wonder if they will come up with a name that pairs well with the moniker of their Pomeranian Honey. Kourtney and her sister Kim Kardashian adopted two Poms, Honey and Sushi, for Penelope and North West in 2017. This seems to be the first new pet Kourtney has adopted since, though the kids have lots of animals in their lives between their mom and dad’s houses. Scott Disick and his girlfriend Sofia Richie adopted a precious speckled Dachshund named Hershel in the spring of 2019, and he quickly became a beloved part of the family.

Unfortunately, no Kardashian moment goes without backlash, so fans also voiced their concerns over the new addition. Because Kourt doesn’t post many photos of Honey, many followers assumed she no longer owned the Pomeranian. While Kourt got some savage responses, including, “this family needs to stop buying dogs and getting rid of them a month later,” and “Oh look another dog for you to get rid of when it’s big,” there’s no reason to believe Kourt gave Honey away. As a matter of fact, she posted a rare photo of the pooch on September 11, and the little cutie looked happy and healthy.

Kourtney Kardashian With New Puppy

But that wasn’t fans’ only complaint. Some worried that Kourtney adopted the dog from a breeder. “Please tell me you didn’t get her from a breeder!” wrote one follower along with a crying emoji. “I hope she is a rescue, and not from a breeder,” chimed in another. A third agreed, writing, “I wish you’d rescued a dog,” but adding, “But as long as someone takes care of her, shows her love, ensures she isn’t just wheeled out for photos, then that’s the main thing.”

We can’t wait to hear what name Kourt and the kids go with!