Kris Jenner looked great at Paris Fashion Week, posing for photos outside the Maison Margiela show in late January. But scroll through the 68-year-old’s Instagram and you get a different, um, picture. The reality matriarch has nary a line — or even a pore! — on social media.

An insider exclusively tells Life & Style the momager is so concerned with keeping up her youthful appearance that she has a whole social media team dedicated to Facetuning her pics! “She’s totally filtered and photoshopped to within an inch of her life in anything she puts out, even videos,” says the insider. “She justifies it by saying it’s just the way social media is, everyone does it.”

It’s gotten so out of hand that Kris gets a jolt when she looks in the mirror. “After so many years of posting such filtered photos, she’s half-convinced that’s what she actually looks like,” adds the insider. “The reality is always a shock. She hates seeing herself aging.”