Talk about biting the hand that feeds you … or in this case, births you! During a September 10 appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden, Kris Jenner revealed that her youngest daughter, Kylie Jenner, had to be convinced to invite her own mother to join her 22nd birthday trip to Europe

Seriously, Kylie? So not cool. That said, Kris, 63, being the sneaky genius that she is, managed to make a strong case that she was essential to the whole operation. “You need me, that’s why I gave birth to you,” Kris recalled to James, 41, of her conversation with Kylie. “You need me on your birthday!” 

As it happens, Kris’ reasons for wanting to attend weren’t entirely to soak up the Mediterranean sun on a yacht. “I didn’t want her to do it for the first time … you know, she’s been to Europe for work, like, for a day or two. But she’s never gone for a vacation,” Kris explained to James, 41.

Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, no matter how old your child gets or how many billions they’re worth, it’s your instinct as a parent to protect (and party with) them, always. 

And party they did! To be honest, we are still in awe of how over-the-top Kylie’s trip wasespecially the gifts. ICYMI: Kris gifted the makeup mogul a bright yellow Hermés Birkin that’s likely worth over $20,000.

Kris told James that it was “just a purse,” but let’s be real … it’s a semester’s worth of college and we’re jealous.

Now that Kris has proven herself to be the ultimate party guest, here’s hoping that the rest of her daughters will extend an invitation to their celebrations.

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