Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards is all about transparency, especially when it comes to plastic surgery. “I’m an honest person,” the longtime Bravo personality exclusively tells Life & Style. “I’m a girl’s girl. I grew up with a family of all women. I have all daughters and I like to share what I’m going through [and] what my issues are.”

“To me, when I see people who are looking perfect and pretending like that’s just the way it is …  it gives me rage,” Kyle, 52, adds. “I’m honest about that because we all are so hard on ourselves as it is and you know, when you see someone that you think is golden, they normally look so amazing. You’re like, ‘Oh, they look like crap this morning, thank God. You know, like, we’re all in this together. We’re just trying to do our best.”

In October 2020, Kyle, who will be the new spokesperson for Lumenis’ SmoothGlo, took to social media to keep it real with her followers. “Since so many of you were speculating what I did or did not do to my face…here is your answer. I fixed my nose,” the mother of four explained via Instagram Stories.

“I broke it last September and the bone poking out bothered me. So, I fixed the bone, fixed my breathing problems and refined the tip,” Kyle, who had her first rhinoplasty in 2006, continued. “I will always tell you guys the truth. I did think some of the comments on my posts are funny though.”

Kyle Richards Shares Why She’s ‘Honest’ About Plastic Surgery: ‘We All Are So Hard on Ourselves’
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Later, in 2012, the Los Angeles native got liposuction.  “After having four kids, no matter what exercise I did, the love handles wouldn’t go away!” she told Us Weekly in 2013. “I’m very happy with the results!”

As forthcoming as Kyle is, the Halloween Kills actress has no problem clapping back when the time is right! In March 2020, a fan accused her of getting a “face-lift” and suggested she looked “very different.”

Kyle’s answer was short and sweet! “No, I did not — and I do not look different,” she replied at the time.