It can’t get sweeter than Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster baking — literally! The 22-year-old mom and her daughter showed off their baking skills in a YouTube video posted on Tuesday, December 24. Brace yourselves; it’s pretty darn cute!

The cute activity was a way for the duo to not only bond but also make cookies for Santa. It’s safe to say Stormi was lovin’ everything about it because by the time the video started, she had eaten a lot of the candy being used to make the sugar cookies. Her green mouth definitely gave it away. In case you’re wondering what ingredients were used to make these sweet treats, you’re in luck because Kylie shared the recipe, which is by Sarah Welch.


This video only proved that Stormi can do it all. Not only did she help her mom bake, but she also helped with the cleaning process. What a smart girl!

Kylie Jenner Taking a Mirror Picture With Stormi
Courtesy of Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Kris Jenner made a surprise appearance and, like the rest of us, she seemed impressed with Stormi. It’s clear how much the 64-year-old momager loves her granddaughter. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star gifted Stormi a gorgeous playhouse for Christmas. It turns out, giving her grandchildren big presents like this is something she regularly does.

“Kris spoils the grandkids so much,” a source exclusively told Life & Style. “She’ll get them something almost every weekend. Whenever she walks into a store and likes something for, say, , she’ll ask for [nine] more for all the grandkids. Anything she gets for one, she gets for the others.”

While Kris loves all her grandchildren equally, she sees Stormi the most. “Kris and Stormi spend the most time together because Kris is at every day, and there’s a nursery in there for Stormi,” another insider exclusively divulged to Life & Style. “Kris gets to have lunch with Stormi, read her books, put her down for naps. She’s definitely spending more time with her now than any of the other grandchildren.” We wouldn’t be surprised if that changes over time!