Kylie Jenner’s Crazy Lip Crisis — “She’s Been Seen Dribbling Coffee!” (EXCLUSIVE)

Kylie Jenner is famous for her lips — but sources are revealing exclusively to Life & Style that her plump pout is getting in the way of basic tasks!

"Her lips are making it hard for her to eat, drink, and talk,” an insider says. "She has
problems pronouncing certain letters, particularly B and W.”

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"She’s been seen dribbling coffee down herself, staining her expensive designer clothes," the source added.

The 19-year-old reality star got lip injections in 2014, but did not admit to the cosmetic procedure until nearly a year later on KUWTK.

"I have had temporary lip fillers. It's just something that I wanted to do," she said at the time.

However, it wasn't until last year that Kylie really opened up about having her lips augmented.

"It has been an insecurity of mine all my life. This guy I kissed was like, 'Your lips are really small but you're a really good kisser. I didn't think you were gonna be good at kissing.' It was so rude," she told Complex. "From then on, I just felt like I saw guys staring at my lips. I felt like no one wanted to kiss me."

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She continued, "I didn’t want to be a bad influence. I didn’t want people to think you had to get your lips done to feel good about yourself. But they thought it was crazier that I was lying about it because it was so obvious. I wish I had just been honest and upfront.”

Despite her lip crisis, Kylie, who built a $20 million empire around her lip kits, is not planning to downgrade anytime soon.

"For her," explains the insider, “beauty and image obviously come first.”

For more exclusively celebrity news, be sure to pick up the latest issue of Life & Style magazine. In the meantime, look back at the timeline of Kylie's lips in the gallery below!