Kylie Jenner’s Face Has Changed Drastically Over the Course of One Month…

Did Kylie Jenner get another round of plastic surgery?! After comparing photos of the 18-year-old from a month ago, we wouldn’t be surprised.

At a recent event celebrating momager Kris Jenner‘s cover of Haute Living magazine, the teen’s infamous lips looked extra plump — not to mention her cheeks looked fuller than usual. Fans also debated whether the reality star was wearing colored contacts.

kylie jenner

Kylie in July (left) vs. August.

Either way, there’s no denying that she looked to her older sisters for style inspiration. Known for their curvaceous behinds, the youngest of Kris’ daughters had no problem flaunting hers in a skin-tight bandage dress.

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Scroll through the gallery above to see just how much Kylie’s lips have changed over the years.