They’re considering their feud “squashed,” y’all. Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent decided to invite costar and former BFF James Kennedy to the recording studio to reignite their musical partnership on the January 14 episode of the Bravo TV hit. Plus, she even revealed that she was trying to “practice forgiveness” by bringing the 27-year-old back into her life and trying to salvage their tarnished friendship.

“James has been absolutely horrible to people,” Lala revealed during a confessional, after telling Stassi Schroeder and Brittany Cartwright the DJ would be joining her at the studio. “But, in my program, we practice forgiveness and I have to do this for myself.”

After the 30-year-old’s little brother, Easton, spit a few bars in the booth later on in the episode, James arrived at the studio and listened to the latest track the sibling duo made with Lala’s producer, Sean2. “The thing I miss most about Lala is probably making music with her,” James revealed during his confessional as the song played. “We’ve got songs in the books that have never been recorded because we can’t get over our s—t, for god’s sake.”

Then, the blonde beauty requested some alone time with the former SUR employee to work through their past issues. “So, I’ve been asking you to link up,” Lala began as they sat in the studio alone. “And you haven’t given me much to work with.” James came back, responding, “I didn’t know if it was real at first. The last time we spoke at TomTom, I was just so disconnected from you.”

The footage then threw us back to a year prior, with the former BFFs having a pretty one-sided conversation in which James seemed to be really checked out of their relationship. “I’ve been lucky enough to see the great James Kennedy,” Lala continued in the present. “OK? Not everybody has gotten to see that, because then when you have your not-so-great moments, it makes it easier to just write you off. But, for me, it’s harder.”

When James asked her why, Lala got pretty introspective. “You know, I just really believe in you, James,” she told him. “Just embrace the fact that you are a good dude who may have done some f—ked up s—t.” Naturally, James needed her to clarify the “s—t” in question. “Really?” Lala asked, unable to believe he wouldn’t remember his transgressions. “Body-shaming people, calling me a whore, saying hillbilly to Brittany,” she refreshed his memory. “That was not nice,” he admitted about the behavior.

Lala Kent and James Kennedy

Lala then asked how they could prevent that kind of conduct in the future to keep things positive in the friend group. “I definitely feel like I’m in a better headspace right now, I’m reeling in on the drinking,” James explained. “I think I’m growing up. I’m 27 now. If you’ll consider it squashed, I’ll consider it squashed.”

The actress agreed that it would be best for them to move forward with the past behind them — and even unblocked him on social media. Guess this dream team is back on … but only time will tell.