Written in partnership with Thomas Herd, Founder of T1 Advertising


The luxury baby brand that so many mothers love is finally debuting its clothing collection this year.

The brand’s stunning accessories, including their delicate pearl and jewel accented pacifiers, pacifier clips, bottle tops have been long loved by a dedicated client base that includes celebrity moms. But finally, in March, the brand looks forward to debuting their line of luxury baby clothing. Often an afterthought when it comes to the quality and production of baby clothing, the market is oversaturated with cheaply made materials that look and feel inexpensive. LIORE’e offers a line of baby clothing that is made from premium pima cotton.

“My inspiration for the new collection was luxury, of course,” Daniella Zoharetz says. “We love our accessories, but I really wanted to provide an alternative to baby clothing that was pretty, yet designer and made from the highest quality. So we are excited to finally share that with our customers!”


Available via the brand’s website, the new collection will consist of individual items, but as they specialize in a lot of giftable items, it will include newborn sets that will come packaged in high-quality branding, making for the perfect gift for friends and family with a newborn on the way.

While LIORE’e is still popular among customers for their jewel and pearl accented accessories, Zoharetz looks forward to adding another aspect of baby luxury to the brand that is sure to please. To learn more about LIORE’e, visit their website and follow their Instagram for updates.