Earning six figures … monthly! Maitland Ward, widely known for starring as the lovable Rachel McGuire in Boy Meets World, has made quite a living for herself from her acting gigs and adult film work. Find out her impressive net worth and learn more about what the performer does to make money below! 

What Is Her Net Worth?

Maitland’s net worth is 2 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Maitland Ward Net Worth
Courtesy Maitland Ward/Instagram

How Does Maitland Make Money? 

Maitland now has multiple streams of income, ranging from acting to the social paying platform Patreon to performing in adult films as well her lucrative OnlyFans account. 

The California native proudly revealed that OnlyFans is keeping her money flowing. “I feel very fortunate because I get six figures a month from OnlyFans,” she told TMZ on April 5, 2021, revealing it’s the most she has ever made in her life. 

“I’m doing more acting than I’ve ever done and making more money,” she continued. “And I’m feeling more powerful than I ever have in my life.”

Maitland also confirmed she has an exciting mainstream acting job on the horizon. She will be starring in a new comedic sitcom titled The Big Time. 

Maitland Ward Net Worth
Courtesy Maitland Ward/Instagram

What Inspired Her to Make a Career Change? 

It started slowly,” Maitland told In Touch exclusively in September 2019. “It all began when I was doing cosplay, which I really genuinely love doing and people started giving me attention for it, and I wore sexy outfits. I have always sort of been an exhibitionist, like always. I love dressing sexy in public and things like that.”

The red-headed starlet also explained what motivated her to accept a lead role in her first adult feature film, Drive, despite it being something she had never done before. Maitland said the script was “really well-written” and gave her an opportunity to really express herself. “This has so many themes in this and just my character is so different than anything I have portrayed before,” she added. 

How Do Her Former Boy Meets World Costars Feel About Her Adult Film Career? 

Maitland gushed over her former BMW costars and said they have been very supportive of her work in January 2020. “I will get phone calls and stuff,” she said while chatting with In Touch exclusively at the time. “It’s been positive, and they want to know. Everybody is like, ‘What’s it like? What do you do?’ That is the main thing I have noticed, too. People are curious what it’s like on the inside.”