She’s definitely been working it! Missy Elliot has never looked better thanks to her inspiring weight loss transformation — and she’s making sure everyone notices in her latest Instagram pics. Check them out in the above video!

Aside from her svelte new figure, the 46-year-old explained that she’s ~glowing~ again thanks to her new lifestyle. “I’ve NEVER been a water drinker but this has helped my skin,” she captioned the image. “It really restored my glow back and I don’t feel sluggish.” There’s no denying that she looks really, really hot these days!

Missy has been making headlines thanks to her slim down over the last few years. She dropped 70 pounds while working on her Under Construction album in 2002 — and AXS reported that was inspired by health reasons. Around that time, doctors warned the “Get Ur Freak On” singer that she was at risk of having a stroke if she didn’t lose weight.

missy elliot february 2002 june 2002 getty images

Missy in February 2002 (left) vs. Missy in June 2002 (right).

The songstress was also diagnosed with Graves’ disease in 2008 — which impacts the immune system and thyroid and in turn, metabolism. After three years away from the spotlight, Missy opened up to People about how the lifelong disease was affecting her. “I feel great,” she said at the time. “Under my doctor’s supervision, I’ve been off medication for about a year and I’m completely managing the condition through diet and exercise.”

Back in 2014, Missy shared she shed 30 more pounds thanks to celebrity trainer Shaun T’s T25 workout tapes. The following year, she took the Super Bowl halftime stage with Katy Perry and showed off a whole new version of herself. “Thank you all for the out pouring of love at the Super Bowl! And Katy Perry I’m humbly grateful for you inviting me to join you,” she tweeted. “I cried because I’ve been through so much, but I’m still here and through the grace of God and you, the fans, believing in me. I love y’all.” Keep workin’ it, girl!