Things got awkward real quick in Life & Style's exclusive new teaser clip for this week's Married at First Sight airing at 9/8c on March 13 on Lifetime. Molly Duff was getting back from a girls night when she told husband Jonathan Francetic that all of the girls rated their relationship happiness. He was definitely offended by her rating, and things escalated from there. Watch the cringy argument unfold in the exclusive teaser above!

It looks like these two are doing their best to make it work, but sex is far from their first disagreement. In last week's episode, the couple joked about how many kids they want, and while Molly would be satisfied with just two, Jon admitted he wants as many as nine! Though they're laughing during the conversation, amount of kids is a big issue to disagree on, and one that will eventually build resentment for whoever bends the most.

However, Molly and Jon are trying to focus instead on the things they agree upon, and all of the good times they have together. "You can't help but have a positive outlook when you're having so much fun with someone and you get along with them so well," said Molly in the episode. "It's just really focusing on what we have in common, which is what I think we should be doing at this point."

They really do make a gorgeous couple and they're super cute together, so hopefully, Molly will be open to working on things with Jon so they can reach a happier place… much better than a seven out of 10! Tune in on Tuesdays to watch the next episode of Married at First Sight at 9/8c on Lifetime.