Trainer Morgan Coleman Shares Her Signature Interval Workout You Can Do From Home
Courtesy of Morgan Coleman

When pandemic lockdowns began in March, Morgan Coleman missed the gym. But the busy mom of three vowed to set aside 30 minutes, five days a week to exercise in her basement. “The tiny amount of time I gave myself became something I looked forward to every day,” she tells Life & Style, “and so it really kept me motivated.”

Now she’s helping others find their fitness grooves with the Ready Set Sweat program. “The RSS workout is really based on Tabata and high-intensity interval training techniques,” shares Coleman. “I sort of merged the two.” The best part? “You need a yoga mat,” says the exercise guru, “a towel and a big bottle of water — that’s it! You do not need to be in a gym to work out,” she says.

The Ready Set Sweat workouts generally consist of 12 exercises, split into three categories. “So there will be four exercises in cardio, four exercises in abs and arms, and another four in legs and booty, for example,” explains Coleman. “Each exercise is 30 seconds on of work, 10 seconds rest. The most important thing with burning fat is doing moves where you’re incorporating multiple parts of your body,” says Coleman. “It makes such a difference.”

Aside from keeping heart rates elevated, the method has clients in and out in under 45 minutes. “I’m devoted to shorter workouts, where you’re working super hard and then you’re done in a faster amount of time,” notes Coleman. “I have these 20-minute express burners — you’re drenched in sweat at the end, but you feel amazing.”

Courtesy of Morgan F Coleman

And how you feel (rather than look) is what really matters. “Exercise is a gift to yourself,” says Coleman. “It’s easy to push snooze on the alarm clock, or sit back on the couch, but just think about it like a gift to yourself and it pays off, I promise! It always pays off.”

To learn more, search for ReadySetSweatFitness on Instagram and YouTube.