Like daddy, like daughter!

Whitney Thore is extremely close with her parents — and fans love to watch their sweet relationship play out on TLC’s hit reality TV series My Big Fat Fabulous Life. In honor of her dad Glenn Thore’s 71st birthday, she shared an adorable throwback video of them on Instagram.

Glenn showed off his dance moves in the clip, where he got down with his 32-year-old daughter and her best friend Heather Sykes, which seems like it was taken over the holidays.

“Good job, dad!” Whitney told Glenn at the end of their dance-off, and the daddy-daughter duo shared a high five.

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Fans left their birthday wishes to Glenn in the comments and they reminded Whitney of how lucky she is to have such a good father. Others complimented him on his dancing, and one fan wrote “I’m pretty sure Whitney got all her moves from Glenn.”

Even though Glenn is a major part of Whitney’s support system, the dad-of-two isn’t afraid to give Whitney some tough love. During last week’s episode, Glenn had a stern talk with her after he thought that she was pregnant with her ex-boyfriend Lennie Alehat’s child. The old-fashioned dad wasn’t happy that his daughter was having a baby out of wedlock.

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But Whitney quickly told her father that he had nothing to worry about and he was relieved that she wasn’t actually pregnant. She explained that even though she had taken four separate pregnancy tests and they all came back positive, a sonogram at the gynecologist’s office revealed that the cysts from her Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) condition was what caused the false alarm — not a baby.

“I’m sorry we’re not celebrating a viable pregnancy right now,” Whitney explained on Instagram shortly after the episode aired. “This is as hard to watch as it was to go through.”