It’s a battle of the exes! Nicki Minaj slammed her former flame Safaree Samuels during a press run interview with Hot 97 for her new album Queen on Aug. 14. The rapper didn’t hold back, claiming he stole their credit cards and was paying for prositutes while they were together. And when their spat spilled over to social media, Tyga was dragged into the mix.

Nicki was catching up with her longtime rival, Funkmaster Flex, and while they were talking about her album, Safaree’s name was brought up in connection with the ghost-writing claims. Nicki called out Safaree for using her while they were in a relationship and the drama reached a boiling point when both of them took to Twitter to share their sides of the story. 

“You stole my card and told me you thought it was an account with ‘free money’ that I didn’t know about,” she wrote. “On God. God will strike you down & more for lying. Ha! Stop saying you packed and left! On Jesus, you came to my house crying, begging to go with me to Europe to the EMAs. I said no, dummy.” Safaree denied her claims and responded with: “And now I stole your card? The one you gave me the pin for, and had me doing ish with.

“I should’ve never paid for that gyat damn hairline!” Nicki continued, before putting Tyga on blast. “You used me but God had other plans!” The rapper claims she dropped “10 racks” when paying for Safaree to the same doctor as Tyga for his treatment. Nicki added, “Tyga s–t ain’t fall back out! Y’all went to the same doctor! Yours fell out cuz God don’t like ugly!” 

Nicki also claimed that Safaree begged to get her back when Meek Mill was about to come home years ago, adding: “B—h you hit me and Meek asking us to get your d–k pic back from someone. Lol. I have the email where you said you couldn’t pay your electric bill, why you lied on me but go [off] sis!” Safaree said she sounded bitter and was acting like a Love & Hip Hop star, something she shaded him for. He also said how their relationship was “toxic,” but he still wants the best for her. This Twitter feud is clearly only getting started!