Miley Cyrus may have successfully stolen the VMAs spotlight thanks to her myriad of barely-there outfits, but when the singer hit the red carpet with her family, we were surprised by how different her 15-year-old sister Noah Cyrus looked.

The teen seems to be following in her eccentric sibling’s footsteps, sporting just an oversized T-shirt as a dress and fishnet stockings.

noah cyrus

Noah with mom Tish and sister Brandi.

The ensemble may not have been nearly as shocking as what Miley had on, but compared to the little girl we remember, it’s quite the transformation.

noah cyrus

Noah in 2009 (left) vs. 2015.

Given that her older sister often runs around topless and that she’s good friends with Kylie Jenner, we shouldn’t be too stunned by the change in appearance.

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Along with Noah, Miley’s parents, Tish and Billy Ray, came out to support the 22-year-old host, as did brother Braison and sister Brandi.

miley cyrus

Think they enjoyed seeing her flash her nipple on live television?