Paris Jackson Has Gone Through Several Phases Already — and She’s Only 19

Ever since Paris Jackson made her social media debut in 2011, we've seen many different versions of the 19-year-old over the years. From punk rock to bohemian hippie, it appears the famous model and daughter to the late Michael Jackson can't figure out what she wants to evolve into. And if you think we're giving her a hard time (after all, most teens go through weird fashion periods), even Paris herself has admitted that she's guilty of embarrassing phases.

Last year when she shared an old pic of herself with tragic death metal hair, she bravely poked fun at herself. "Hey guys remember when I thought I belonged in a Def Leppard cover band," she wrote. When a fan asked her if it was a phase, she responded, "Would say yes but I'm still very much obsessed with 80s hair bands." Fans were amused by her honesty. "We all had that cringey phase," a Twitter user replied. "Your's slightly worse than others ?" Ouch!

Even though Paris went through her many phases on a public stage, we're pretty content with where she is currently. Scroll down below to see a timeline of her ever-evolving looks.