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Where Are the Stars of ‘Preachers’ Daughters’ Today? Life Updates 10 Years After the Series Premiered

Preachers’ Daughters made waves when it premiered on Lifetime in 2013, documenting teenage girls as they navigated life and the pressures that come from being the children of pastors. 

“There is an insane amount of pressure, not only from the parent but also the church,” executive producer Adam Reed told the Hollywood Reporter. “As I started to get more into it, I found this world fascinating, and I hadn’t really seen it explained or exposed before, and that really engaged me. … What I like about these three families is that they have three girls who are at three very different stages of their lives, but they are all wrestling with the angel vs. devil on their shoulders to various degrees.”

Now, more than a decade since the reality show debuted, many of the former stars are living quieter lives as young adults.