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Times Dating Show Contestants Fell for Someone They Weren’t Supposed to: Producers, Hosts and More!

When you’re on a dating show, you’re likely spending a lot more time with the producers and crew than the actual lead of the show that you’re *supposed* to be dating. Maybe that’s why quite a few former reality show contestants found themselves engaging in inappropriate relationships with the producers, relationship experts, and even the hosts!

The most dramatic example of a reality star allegedly entering into a forbidden relationship came in season 14 of The Bachelor, when host Chris Harrison was forced to confront contestant Rozlyn Papa after learning she may have been getting too cozy with a producer.

“This is something we’ve never had to deal with in the history of the show,” Chris began the awkward conversation, which took place outside of the Bachelor mansion. “What’s that?” asked the blonde beauty with a giggle. “Rozlyn, you entered into an inappropriate relationship with one of our … with one of our staffers,” Chris punctuated with a gulp. “That staffer is no longer working with us, because of what happened. We feel it’s now impossible to then form a meaningful relationship with Jake, out of respect for everybody here — the girls, Jake, yourself.”

Instead of denying it or defending herself, Rozlyn tried to throw other contestants under the bus. “So you think there’s no other girls here that felt for other people before they came on the show?” “No, not at all,” said Chris, “because it wasn’t a relationship you had back home, it’s something that just happened on our show with someone who works on the show.” “I’m not going to say anything that puts me in a bad position,” she replied, eventually saying “it makes sense, I respect that,” when asked to leave.

However, the tables turned on After the Final Rose, when Rozlyn denied anything inappropriate happened. “What was this physical relationship? I’d like to know all about it please,” she said in the hot seat. “You’ve never been clear about it.”

Chris didn’t have to lay out all the details, because the other girls on Jake’s season were more than happy to share what they saw first-hand. “You’re saying you’re just friends, but we all saw you guys cuddling 24/7, I’ve never touched one of my male friend’s thighs,” said Christina. “Like, you don’t do that.” When Rozlyn asked when that happened, Christina added “so much that it made us all uncomfortable and we left the room.”

“I’ve never tried to be the drama queen or create attention to myself and I can honestly say, Rozlyn, that we were all by the pool and I came in and I heard something on the stairs, turned the corner and I saw … at first i didnt know it was you, and then I saw closer up, and I saw you guys kissing on the stairs,” added Jessie. “I swear on my dog’s life.” “On my child’s life, that never happened,” said Rozlyn to many gasps from the audience.

Shockingly, this wasn’t the last time the Bachelor franchise would struggle with contestants going after crew members (or even other contestants), and several other reality dating shows have dealt with the same issue. Scroll through the gallery below to see all of the most awkward, inappropriate, and sometimes sweet and romantic encounters!