She’s graced the pages of ‘Vogue’ and walked the runways for Chanel and Fendi, but once upon a time, Kendall Jenner was just starting out in the modeling world!

In this vintage clip from Keeping Up With the Kardashians (and by vintage, we mean 2011), the then 15-year-old is nervous to do her first ever photo shoot for designer Sherri Hill.

kendall jenner

Not only is the brunette beauty a natural straight off the bat, but Sherri immediately notices her potential. “She’s our dream model. Her body is incredible, those long legs,” the designer says before offering her a spot in their runway show.

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But get this: Kendall initially wants to say no because she has cheerleading practice! Plus, she adds, “runway is just not what I want to do right now. It’s a little intimidating to me.”

Oh Kenny, look how far you’ve come!

Watch the clip below: