Yasss, hunni! Real Housewives of Potomac star Robyn Dixon is always gorgeous no matter what she does to her hair, but fans are absolutely loving her new ~lewk~! Robyn flaunted her new haircut on part one of the RHOP Season 3 reunion, and her platinum blonde pixie haircut was definitely giving us some ’90s-era Halle Berry vibes.

“I’m loving it so far. I’ve been like teasing and playing and saying ‘Oh I’m gonna cut my hair’ for years,'” Robyn said in a behind-the-scenes clip where she was getting her cute new ‘do styled before the reunion taping. “But I’ve always been chicken, like super scared. I was like, ‘Oh I have a big head, what if I don’t like it?’ Just all types of reasons not to do it. But I just, at some point, got bored like the same hair every day and it wouldn’t grow past a certain length, so like, ‘Let me just do something different.'”

We’re so glad that Robyn decided to chop it all off because it looks amazing on her. For her reunion look, Robyn paired her edgy new haircut with a gorgeous, purple beaded evening gown, dangly earrings, and she added a bold purple statement lip to complete the look. 

But we’re not the only ones loving her new pixie cut — fans are too, and they took to social media to compliment Robyn on her new look. “I LOVE [sic] the color and cut. Keep this look…it LOOKS GOOD ON YOU [sic],” one fan wrote, while another commented, “ABSOLUTELY LOVE [sic] your hair like this!!!!”

Robyn also revealed that fans aren’t the only ones who approve of her edgy blonde hair — her ex-husband Juan Dixon is definitely feeling it too and she said he even encouraged her to chop her locks. “I know it’s a big, drastic change but you know, change is good,” she said. “Change is great.”