Rumer Willis is loving her post-baby bikini body, flaunting her figure in a series of vacation photos while opening up about how much she’s accepting her new physique.

“Leaning into my mama curves in the jungle,” Rumer, 35, began in the caption of a series of Instagram photos on Monday, April 22. She wore a gold bikini top with a low-slung sarong over the matching bottoms.

The Dancing With the Stars champ proudly showed off her bare stomach and reflected on her body’s changes since giving birth to daughter Louetta Isley Thomas Willis on April 18, 2023.

“It’s been a journey of continuous curiosity and growth to see how much room and acceptance I can give my body as it continues to shift and transform after birthing a little human,” Rumer wrote, adding, “I hope to continue feeling in my loving of myself in all the many shapes and sizes it will come in so I can show my daughter what unconditional self love and acceptance looks like.”

Courtesy of Rumer Willis/Instagram

Fans loved Rumer’s photos and message. “You look absolutely GORGEOUSLY STUNNING, HOLY WOW, embrace it babe,” one person wrote in the comments, while another added, “You look more beautiful than ever.”

The House Bunny star has gone through ups and downs when it comes to her weight and body shamers over the years. In May 2020, she spoke to fans in an Instagram video while wearing a bralette and matching boxers.

“I wanted to be really vulnerable and transparent and talk to you guys about body confidence and share what I look like with no filters no editing … just me,” she began.

“I wanted to just kind of show you guys what I look like and yeah, that’s not a posed photo, that’s not a perfect angle,” the Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood star continued. “You know, like sometimes my stomach isn’t as flat as I want it to be. And you know, sometimes I feel like my arms look huge and photos and sometimes I feel like my thighs are massive and I don’t like my gray hair or whatever it is. I hate the little flab sometimes that I see when I try and wear a bra, but they’re all things that I’m sure that I notice much more than anybody else does.”

“So, my goal was just to be, like I said, extremely transparent,” she explained. “I guess in my mind everyone would say that, like there’s some perfect standard of a body. This is just what my body looks like, you know? And I’m working really hard to try and eat healthy and work out and motivate myself to be strong.”

Courtesy of Rumer Willis/Instagram

In June 2021, Rumer responded to body shamers who claimed she was “too skinny” in an Instagram photo.

“If I was really struggling with any kind of food issues (which I’m gratefully not) coming for me in my comments and telling me how I’m too skinny or I need to eat is absolutely not helpful and extremely body shaming,” she said. “If you were actually concerned for my health and welfare or anyone you think may be actually struggling send them a dm and have a private conversation and really ask how they are doing and if they would like support instead of posting inflammatory public comments.”

Rumer ended her post telling followers, that “body shaming of any kind is something I will not stand for.”

The Sorority Row star and boyfriend Derek Richard Thomas announced in 2022 that they were expecting their first child together. Louella became the first grandchild for Rumer’s famous parents, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.