Fans praised Sarah Hyland for opting out of wearing Spanx during her performance of “Met at a Party” with Jordan McGraw during the Teen Choice Awards on August 11. The actress has been very open about her 16 surgeries, which includes two kidney transplants, that left her with what she calls her “KUPA” or “kidney upper p—sy area.” Basically, one result of the transplants is that her lower abdomen now slightly sticks out. Her latest appearance blew viewers away with her incredible vocals and sent a body-positive message while doing so.

“Yesterday I had my first nationally televised performance of a song I did with the amazing [Jordan McGraw]. I was terrified. I was excited,” the 28-year-old began an Instagram post about the live show. “There was a PHENOMENAL crowd supporting us the entire way through. Thank you so much to everyone who watched! … And a final thank you to my ever-changing self-confidence for making the decision to not wear Spanx and let my KUPA … shine like the badass bitch she is.”

Sarah Hyland Performs With Jordan McGraw at Teen Choice Awards With No Spanx
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Her famous friends rallied to support her huge accomplishment. “Love you so much. I’m so proud. God, [you] looked beautiful … sounded perfect. I’m such a dad right now,” celebrity makeup artist Allan Avendaño wrote. “HaKUPA Matata, it’s a wonderful phrase, it means no worries for the rest of your days,” Michelle Trachtenberg quipped. Her fiancé, Wells Adams, also posted the sweetest tribute about how the brunette beauty never ceases to impress him. “What can’t she do? Act … Dance … SING … Eat [three] bowls of salsa [and] still be hungry,” he captioned a photo of the two hugging on Instagram on August 12. “Imagine the first time you sing one of your songs live, it’s at the #teenchoiceawards, nationally televised and you absolutely kill it?!? I’m constantly in awe of my fiancée and yes, I know, she’s way out of my league. And I love that.”

Sarah Hyland Hot Pink Dress With Jordan McGraw Teen Choice Performance
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Of course, fans were also inspired by the Modern Family star. “As someone with [endometriosis], I wanted to thank you for making the decision not to wear Spanx and be proud of your body. Phenomenal job advocating, singing and being a f—king badass!!!” one person gushed. “I work in dialysis and whenever you post about your journey I can’t help but smile. You’re so strong and you rock that KUPA like there’s no tomorrow!!!” someone else raved about the Vampire Academy actress. Sarah inspired so many others to feel good in their own skin. A separate user added, “Thank you for being unapologetically you … I know how hard it is going through such an emotional rollercoaster.”

Keep slaying, Sarah!