To be honest, we’re not sure what’s a bolder move: Wearing Ellen DeGeneres-themed underwear or showing off your surgery scars. Either way, Sarah Hyland managed to achieve both in a single selfie. *Pauses to bow down.*

“Hey, @theellenshow. I know you’re besties with Jen [Aniston], but does she wear your underwear outside of her jeans like me?” the Modern Family, 28, actress captioned her post on Instagram, along with the hashtag “show your scars.”

Of course, this is the hardly time Sarah has displayed her kidney surgery scars on social media. “I’ve never been ashamed to show my scars,” she told Self magazine in December 2018. “I [had] seven surgeries before the age of four.” However, fans and friends, alike, continue to champion her bravery.

“Seeing your scar brings a smile to my face. It’s barely noticeable and to see you’re doing so well helps calm my nerves as I have surgery for kidney transplant on this coming Tuesday,” one thankful user commented. “I love it! Show your scars. I’m a living donor. So, the scars on my body are my beauty marks. God bless you always,” added another.

Of course, Ellen also chimed in to clarify whether or not Jennifer Aniston wears underwear with her face. “She doesn’t do that, but she’s been known to drink wine out of an Ellen mug,” the longtime TV host, 61, wrote. Thanks to her hilarious Instagram Stories, we know that Sarah loves a glass of wine (or four) every now again — especially while watching The Bachelor.

Perhaps she should combine her Ellen merchandise and drink wine out of a mug while rocking those undies. P.S. Be sure to snap a selfie if you do!

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