Penelope Disick has been vocal about dis- seeing eye-to-eye on any liking mom Kourtney Kardashian’s constant PDA with stepdad Travis Barker. “No kissing!” she memorably begged during a 2022 episode of The Kardashians. So TikTok users had a lot to say when a clip emerged on February 18 of the couple making out backstage at a Blink-182 show in Australia as the 11-year-old looked on, mortified. “That’s ridiculous,” blasted one person, while others commented, “ick,” “awkward” and “embarrassing.” But perhaps the most common sentiment expressed? “Poor Penelope.”

Random people on the internet aren’t the only ones taking issue with Kourtney and Travis’ child-rearing of late. Life & Style has exclusively learned that Scott Disick — who shares Penelope as well as sons Mason, 14, and Reign, 9, with his reality star ex — is none too pleased with what’s been going on, either. “The fun coparenting dynamic Kourtney and Scott once shared has completely changed, and they are not seeing eye-to-eye on anything,” an insider exclusively tells Life & Style. “These days they disagree on most everything. It’s a big old mess.”

Caught in the Middle

For years, Kourt, 44, put up with Scott’s revolving door of young girlfriends. Now the entrepreneur, 40, is not seriously dating anyone, but his baby mama has clearly moved on: After marrying drummer Travis, 48, in 2022, the pair welcomed son Rocky last November. “Kourtney thinks Scott is jealous of her new life and that’s why they’re suddenly warring over the kids,” says the insider. “She just doesn’t have time for Scott anymore, and has pretty much cut off all contact with him. He misses Kourtney.” Unfortunately, their three children are the ones dealing with the fallout. “It’s sad because the kids feel torn between their dad and their new stepfather,” the insider explains to Life & Style. “Penelope and Reign look up to Travis. While they do complain to Scott about Kourtney and Travis’ kissing, which they think is gross, overall Scott’s children adore Travis.”

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Things are probably hardest on Mason. At first, he was all Team Scott, especially in the year leading up to his bar mitzvah, on his 13th birthday, but “Mason idolizes Travis now,” claims the insider. “He loves going to Travis’ recording studio and riding the bikes Travis has there. The last thing Scott wants is for Mason to follow in his stepdad’s footsteps, though. He’d be horrified if Mason started wanting tattoos!”

Reign and Penelope are already emulating Travis. He’s been pictured rocking his stepfather’s signature style — mohawk included — while she’s taken up drumming. “Scott is scared of being replaced,” the insider admits to Life & Style. “The kids are getting older and don’t need him as much, as it is.”

Taking a Stand

“Scott takes being a dad seriously and wants what’s best for the kids,” an insider shares with Life & Style. “He’s put his foot down on more and more issues lately — including asking Kourtney to tone down the PDA with Travis in front of their children.”

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The ‘Cool’ Parent?

Travis, who has three older children himself, is hands-on with Reign, Penelope and Mason. When he found out Penelope had an interest in music? He taught her how to play drums! “She caught on really quick, like super quick,” he gushed.

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Moving Forward

Kourtney “thinks Scott makes poor parenting decisions,” alleges the insider, noting that she tries to keep her ex at a distance these days. “Kourtney has a new life, a new husband and a baby and she’s moved on, but Scott hates that they’re not close anymore.”