If you’ve ever struggled with picking the perfect bathing suit for partying on the Jersey Shore, you’re going to love this! Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi revealed that she’s been hard at work making a line of swimsuits for her fans called “Snookini,” and her first look is totally adorable. Watch the video below to learn all about her new collection!

Snooki definitely wants her fans to be involved with her new project and love it as much as she does, so the mother-of-two has asked for help naming her first colorful bikini. “PIN you UP!” wrote one fan, obviously drawing inspiration from the retro style of the suit. Other names suggested include, “Bottoms Up,” “Mom Life,” and “Beach, Please.” Snooki said she’s actually going to use her favorite one.

It makes sense that the reality star would finally get into the swimwear game, because the Snooki Shop is already full of everything else you can imagine, from glam dresses to beauty buys and footwear. And it’s all super affordable, so we bet her bathing suits will be just as accessible.

Snooki has been focused on making clothes for real women for a while now. “If you want to have a successful clothing line, you have to understand each type of woman,” she told Refinery 29 in 2015. “Whether she’s tall, or short, or curvy, or not curvy — you have to cater to everybody. I’ve been trying to tell my team that we need to do a bunch of different styles in a bunch of different sizes. We’re trying to get it done, but it’s hard.” We can’t wait to see how she incorporates that philosophy into her bathing suit designs!