Oh, yeah, you read that right — it finally happened. Scott Disick and Sofia Richie made their dog, Hershula, an Instagram page, and honestly, it’s about time! The happy couple created the page for their pup on December 7, and already, the dog has a whopping 22,000 followers.

“Please finally follow the award-winning show dog @itshershula,” the 36-year-old wrote on a photo of the puppy on his Instagram Stories, while his girlfriend, 21, also promoted the page on her own Stories. “The day has finally come. Hersh has a ‘gram. For all things Hersh follow @itshershula,” she wrote on a screengrab of the dog’s IG page.

Hershula Instagram Shout Outs From Scott Disick and Sofia Richie

The adorable dachshund puppy only has five posts so far, but each is cuter than the last. Hersh’s first post was a photo of her squinting. “The fact that my parents took so long to make me an Instagram,” the dog “captioned” the pic.

“This is what I like to call my doggy style,” Hersh captioned another pic with her back against the couch and paws up. LOL. The pup also showed off her cute pink sweater — and in one video, she even rocked it with one arm out of the proper hole. “What happened to your sweater, Hersh?” her mom asked her in the clip. “It’s fashion. She knows what she likes,” the caption read.

Hersh’s latest post was simply captioned “Training day,” and let us tell you, it’s pretty epic. The pup’s parents capture an awesome slow-mo video of the dog running up a flight of grassy stairs — and she’s pretty agile for being so little.

This Instagram is a long time coming for the adorable dog, who has had consistent features on her parents’ Instagram feeds for quite some time. Back in August, Sof shared the cutest clip of her boyfriend baby-talking with the dog before saying, “You’re a good dog,” and kissing her on the snout. Talk about true love right there!

Though we love this Instagram for simply giving us cute doggy moments, we also love it for a more important reason — we now know exactly how to spell Hersh’s name! So thanks, mom and dad, for giving us the info. Bring on the puppy pics!