Southern Charm star Olivia Flowers has revealed her ​brother Conner Flowers’ ​heartwarming last words ​before his death.

“One of the last things he said to me was like, ‘You’re doing everything right. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. And … I hope you can look at me and be proud of me like I’m proud of you,’” Olivia, 31, said through tears in a confessional on the Thursday, October 19 episode of the Bravo reality show.

The emotional episode also featured a FaceTime call between Olivia and Conner two weeks before he died ​unexpectedly on January 30, at the age of 32.

“Everyone knows me as your sister. Like, everywhere I go they’re like, ‘Oh, you’re Conner’s sister,’” she told him. “I don’t think I can throw as many parties as you did. I don’t know as many people.”

olivia flowers conner death
Courtesy of Olivia Flowers/Instagram

Conner joked with Olivia that he was “passing the torch” onto her before the siblings ended the call by exchanging “I love yous” and saying that they will see each other soon.

The latest episode of Southern Charm also offered a glimpse into Olivia’s grieving process following Conner’s death. One moment showed Olivia breaking down in tears on a girls’ night in with costars Leva Bonaparte and Venita Aspen.

The episode showed Olivia’s friends stepping up to help her through the tragedy. The touching scenes included costar Shep Rose letting Olivia’s loved ones stay at his house, Craig Conover bringing over a homemade dinner, and Austen Kroll giving her a care package.

In one of the episode’s rawer moments, Olivia admitted that she and her parents were on “really different pages” in their grief.

“My dad has just, like, not stopped working since he’s gotten here. He’s just, like, stayed on calls, whereas my mom, she’s like, ‘I don’t wanna leave here.’ She’s like, ‘I’m just gonna feel further away from him.’ … I haven’t been able to like go in his room, whereas my mom just wants to stay in it,” she said tearfully.

conner olivia flowers
Courtesy of Olivia Flowers/Instagram

Though Olivia did not detail how Conner died, she previously spoke about her brother’s decades-long battle with Lyme disease. In a lengthy Instagram post on May 9, she wrote that Conner faced “several misdiagnoses and unnecessary medicinal treatment at a young age” because of how “complex and incredibly difficult” it is to diagnose.

“By the time he was properly tested and given a diagnosis from Dr. Jemsek, a God send, and an infectious disease specialist, the disease had caused severe internal damage, and the consequences from his earlier ‘treatment’ were just as long-lasting and devastating,” she ​continued.

​Olivia also shared a sweet tribute to her brother on February 14, just two weeks after his passing. “What a blessing it has been to be the sister of such a beautiful, tender hearted soul with the soft spoken voice to match,” she wrote ​via Instagram at the time. “I don’t know what this life will be without you. It’s always been you and me. I can only hope I continue to be known forever as ‘Conner’s little sister.’”

She continued her tribute in Thursday’s episode of Southern Charm. “He was just so thoughtful and sweet and kind,” Olivia said about her late brother. “That’s what everyone was saying about him. I just hope he knew, like, how loved he was. I just hope he knew that.”