Austen Kroll has allegedly hooked up with another Southern Charm costar. Keep reading for details on his rumored tryst with Taylor Ann Green.

Did Austen Kroll and Taylor Ann Green Hook Up?

The pair allegedly got together “at the start” of the new season 9, multiple sources told Page Six on Wednesday, March 8. The publication reported that the pair are going to “try to say they only made out,” but as the season unfolds, “it gets revealed to be more than that.”

Who Has Austen Kroll Dated on ‘Southern Charm’?

The Kings Calling Brewing founder has made the rounds on his show. In 2017 he beat out pal Shep Rose for costar Chelsea Meissner‘s affections, although their romance later fell apart. Austen then dated her friend Victoria Bolyard.

His most prolific romance was with Madison LeCroy, who joined the show in season 6. The pair began dating in 2018 and had an on-and-off relationship before splitting for good in December 2020.

“The past two weeks is the longest I’ve ever gone without talking to her,” Austen told Us after their breakup, saying he was “heartbroken” over the split. “So, it’s like I cut off my addiction cold turkey … It just hasn’t been easy.” Madison went on to date Brett Randle, whom she married in November 2022. Brett proposed in October 2021 after the pair’s whirlwind seven-month relationship.

Southern Charm alum Cameran Eubanks has marveled at TropHop beer founder’s ability to connect with his female cast mates. “Austen has some pull on women. I don’t know,” she told Us in April 2022. “I mean, I’ll give it to the guy, he’s tall. He smells good. I don’t know what it is, but yeah, women love Austen.”

Who Has Taylor Ann Green Dated on ‘Southern Charm’?

Shep introduced Taylor as his new girlfriend on the season 7 premiere in October 2020. “I’m sort of finding my feet with Taylor ‘cause I’ve been so single minded — and single — for so long that it’s hard to change. But she’s making it very easy to change, which is kind of the whole point,” he revealed during the episode.

“I mean, we were quarantined together, which made it quite easy,” Shep explained during an episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen in November 2020. “Honestly, we were like a married couple two or three months into our relationship, so that was a change, and I was kind of nervous about it. And I must say, domesticity isn’t all that bad, and maybe I was being scared of it for no reason at all.”

The pair broke up in July 2022 after two years of dating.

What Did Austen Kroll Say in the Past About Dating Taylor Ann Green?

Austen dismissed the possibility that he would pursue a romance with Taylor Ann following her split with his best pal Shep.

During a joint interview the men did with Us Weekly in October 2022, Austen stated, “I mean — bro code. … If we’re being honest, that really does cross a lot of lines,” adding, “I love Taylor to pieces and I cherish her friendship and we’ve gotten very close. … I just think that that would be crossing a whole bunch of lines. … And a bunch of friendships would really be affected by that.”

Reps for Austen and Taylor Ann did not immediately respond to Life & Style‘s request for comment.