By all accounts, Shep Rose is a total catch — he’s handsome, charming, tall (6'4"!), and comes from serious family money. But since Bravo viewers first met him three years ago on Southern Charm, he’s been totally single. What gives?

For one thing, Shep is a self-professed commitment-phobe. The 37-year-old also seems to have a case of Peter Pan syndrome, i.e. avoids real work and enjoys a life of “tomfoolery, debauchery, and patently asinine camaraderie.” But that’s all about to change with the spin-off RelationShep, in which the South Carolina native searches for his dream girl with the hope of settling down before his 40th birthday. And now that he has his own show, we want to get to know the reality TV hunk a little better. Read on for details!

Where is Shep Rose from?

Born William Shepard Rose III in 1980, he grew up in Hilton Head Island, SC, alongside his brother Whitaker and sister Katherine. In his teen years, he attended boarding school in Virginia, went on to the University of Georgia for undergrad, and then business school at Vanderbilt University.

What does Shep Rose do for a job?

Though Shep comes from family money, he has tried out a variety of careers over the years. After college, he worked in the resort development business and later moved to Dubai to sell commercial real estate. He now co-owns Charleston bar and restaurant The Palace Hotel.

Who has Shep Rose dated?

As far as we know, Shep has only had two serious relationships — his college girlfriend and ex Danni Baird, who appeared on Southern Charm. Fellow cast member Landon Clements admits the two made out “a long, long time ago,” but they’re now platonic. Most recently, Shep was linked to an unnamed, Chicago-based actress, and his hair dresser, Chelsea Meissner.

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What’s Shep Rose's net worth?

Celebrity Net Worth lists Shep's fortune as $200,000, which is likely made up from his earnings in real estate and the bar. On one Southern Charm reunion, he mentioned that he has “a couple funds out there." (Gotta love old money.) According to OKHereIsTheSituation, Shep's father was an Assistant Attorney General at the Department of Justice, his grandfather was President of Armco Steel, and the town of Boykin, SC, is named after his mother's family.

How can I follow him on social media?

Catch up with Shep on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.