Former 90 Day Fiancé star Stacey Silva tells Life & Style exclusively ahead of Darcey and Stacey: The Twins‘ second tell-all on March 7 that her wedding planning with husband, Florian Sukaj, is proceeding and that “so far, so good.”

Following her sister Darcey Silva‘s split from former fiancé Georgi Rusev, Stacey, 47, said that the situation “does kind of put us in a weird place because we really hoping to do a twin wedding.”

Despite Darcey and Georgi’s breakup, Stacey adds that that “there’s plenty of time” for a joint wedding and that “we haven’t decided yet what we’re going to do, but time will tell.”

Stacey and Florian “like to live in the present” and “let the past go,” Stacey says, before adding that “all the drama from season 1 is totally behind us.”

90 day fiance darcey stacey

“It actually brought us closer together and made us stronger,” she admits. “Flo and I are truly, truly committed to each other.”

“We’ve been together seven years, and we still love each other. We go to bed every night together,” Stacey says, qualifying that if they were in “an argument or something, it doesn’t really last long.”

“We made vows to each other and we would love to have our dream wedding, but you know, when the time is right,” she says. “And now that he got his green card, he’s able to work and stuff.”

Florian is “good with [Stacey’s] family. He’s really close to my dad. He’s really close to my sons, and my sons are a big part of our life, even though they don’t film in the show.”

Stacey says that her children are “very private and I respect that my oldest is in college and my youngest [is] a senior in high school. He plays soccer.”

And when it comes to fitting in with her kids, Stacey admits that Florian is a “great” stepfather.

As Stacey plans for her wedding, Darcey, 47, told Life & Style that she would “absolutely” be open to doing a Bachelorette-style dating show.

“Oh, I would love that,” Darcey added, before going on to confirm that she would “for sure” consider working with a dating coach “if it’s the right” professional who could help her find Mr. Right.

Meanwhile, Stacey has a good idea for what her sister Darcey wants in a partner, telling Life & Style that he should be “a family man” who is “loving, giving; somebody that’s successful, good looking. It’s a package.”