Influencer and jewelry designer Stephanie Gottlieb understands what it takes to have a strong wrist game. Known for incorporating rainbow into her designs as well as “spearheading” rose gold jewels in the bridal game, the 32-year-old says it’s all about the revamped charm bracelet in an exclusive interview with Life & Style.

“I think a lot of people are playing with their own versions of the charm necklace, charm bracelets, kind of that old-school charm bracelet is coming back,” Stephanie explains. “My slider bangle was an attempt to make a very modern version of a charm bracelet with pieces that are interchangeable and that you can add over time. So the idea is that you start with one, and for every occasion, you can keep adding to it.”

Courtesy of Stephanie Gottlieb / Instagram

The beauty continued to reiterate how charm bracelets are unlike any other armpiece. The timeless accessory allows you to personalize the design and seal all of your special milestones in gold or silver. “Every charm represents a different moment in that person’s life, whether it’s the birth of their child or their anniversary or a special trip that they took, allowing [the] jewelry to sort of be a symbol of that moment,” Stephanie says.

While the jewelry designer would love to work with “dream” clients like Rachel Zoe and Kyle Richards, Stephanie aims to create pieces that allows the everyday woman’s “own voice” to shine through. “Doing something that’s not necessarily the same as what everybody else is wearing,” she adds. “I’m looking to elevate people’s jewelry collections with some newness, something that’s a little bit more exciting than just a gold bangle.”


Courtesy of Stephanie Gottlieb / Instagram

In addition to her spin on the traditional design, the glitz guru still pays homage to the classic. The designer collaborated with artist Robyn Blair Davidson to create a line of candy-inspired trinkets that are equally special and mouthwatering, not to mention their adorable acrylic jewelry boxes. *Sends to significant other in time for Valentine’s Day*

Whether you choose to sport your charms on your wrist or neck, they are a fun way to cherish every moment.