Ready to live your best life? Stephanie Shepherd and her pal Kaitlynn Carter are giving their tried and true dating advice to help out a woman who is in need of a romantic resuscitator in a new Facebook Watch series with Elle. The first episode, which aired on January 13, featured the two starlets and Life & Style exclusively got the behind-the-scenes scoop on what fans should know about the new show.

“Kaitlyn and I had so much fun. Like, it was probably one of my favorite episodes to film just because her and I get along so well and it was really fun,” Stephanie divulged about working with The Hills: New Beginnings star. “The first episode kind of tackled dating and how women — or people in general — have this checklist of things that they hold in this structure of, you know, if I’m not checking off the boxes, I’m not even interested. And so it was really cool to have that conversation and talk about dating and we do kind of a speed dating round with the girl who’s on. It’s really fun, it’s a fun episode.”

steph shep elle show
Courtesy of Elle

Considering Kaitlynn’s romantic life has been made very public thanks to reality TV, she seemed like a great choice to use her experiences to help someone else find love. However, Steph noted that “each episode is different.” The former Keeping Up With the Kardashians star added, “For the other episodes, we have one or two experts that come in with me because every episode is a different topic. So we bring, you know, the expert in … for that special topic that we’re discussing that episode.”

This will be the first time the activist will be taking center stage on a series and she dished that she’s hoping to build a community. “I just wanted to share stories. I think it’s so important as women to share advice and share stories and have that camaraderie,” she explained. “And, one of the reasons I love social media is getting to connect with people and you know, that feeling of community. And so, Elle and I came up with this idea to kind of use what I know and … find some experts in different fields to just talk to women and hear their stories.”

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