The Storm(i) heard round the world! As if she knew we’ve been waiting with such anticipation, Kylie Jenner revealed to the world what may or may not be her daughter Stormi’s first words when she posted a sweet video of the baby talking up a storm (pun intended) on her Instagram. Spoiler alert: her voice is cuter than any baby voice we’ve ever heard. Or, maybe that’s just how it goes when you’ve got those CHEEKS. Watch the video above to see the cute moment and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

On Nov. 18, Miss Jenner, 21, posted a video of the sweet nine-month-old, who clearly knew she was being filmed at the start of the video, if her adorable stare into the camera is anything to go by. Kylie attempts to coax her into saying “Kylie Cosmetics” but… as expected, a whole bunch of baby talk emerges in its place. Stormi, can’t you tell that’s one of your mom’s eye palettes in your hand?! Come on, girl.

But amidst all the cute gibberish, one true word emerged: “Dada!” That’s right, folks. Even with a Kylie Cosmetics palette in her hand, Stormi just thinkin’ about her dad, rapper Travis Scott. And if Travis’ recent concerts tell us anything, it’s that he’s just thinkin’ of his sweet little girl, too. On Nov. 17, Travis played the Astroworld Festival in Houston and he gave a huge on-stage shoutout to his baby mama Ky and their beautiful little Stormi. “My beautiful wife, she came out. My beautiful daughter, she’s here too. I love y’all so much,” Travis, 26, told the crowd how he felt about his new family. Plus, all the Insta photos of Trav and Stormi are just TOO cute.

Okay, yeah, it’s true that this ten-second video of Kylie’s sweet baby girl isn’t all that dialogue heavy. But hey, give the kid a break, she’s not even a year old yet. Besides, her pronunciation on “Dada” was pretty on point. Next time we hear from little Miss Stormi Webster, she might just be spouting sonnets!