The youngest Tanner sister has tied the knot! Well, at least that's what Tahj Mowry is hoping.

We recently chatted with the former child actor, who stars in the ABC Family sitcom Baby Daddy, and grilled him about Teddy's adult life (because, duh!). And his response is what actual dreams are made of.

"I would like to think that [Teddy] married Michelle," he exclusively told us. "There's no other route I would want him to go."

tahj mowry full house

Teddy and Michelle on Full House

So does this mean Teddy actually did marry Michelle and it will be a plot on the show's Netflix spinoff Fuller House? Not so fast.

The 29-year-old didn't confirm anything, but did say that he'd love to be a part of the upcoming show.

"I love Full House, it's a blessing to be a part of that show and the older I get the more I realize how amazing it really was… If it comes up that I can be a part of Fuller House I would love to."

tahj mowry baby daddy

Tahj Mowry on the ABC Family sitcom Baby Daddy

We would love that, too! We'd also like to personally request that a Tedelle (that's they're ship name, obvi) wedding happen on screen – and that one of the Olsen twins commits to being on the show. Hey, we can dream right?

While a Tahj Fuller House appearance would definitely be exciting, the actor has a pretty jam-packed schedule right now. Not only is he a regular on Baby Daddy, but he just released his very first EP called Future Funk (which you can get on iTunes) and pretty much created a new unique sound that can be described as, well, future funk.

tahj mowry ep

Is there anything Tahj can't do? Let us answer that for you – no.