After the body of a six-year-old boy was found in a dumpster in Washington, his uncle has confessed to drowning him in the bathtub. Andrew Henckel, 19, was visiting his family and was left to care for his nephew, Dayvid Pakko, who also suffered from autism.

According to People magazine, who obtained court documents, Andrew told police that he drowned the boy because he wanted to “kill him” and revealed that he used his knees to hod Dayvid’s legs down when he started kicking. “Henkel admitted, during that time, to filling a bathtub with water with the intention of drowning and killing Dayvid. Henckel admitted to calling Dayvid to the bathroom, picking him up and placing him face down in the water, and holding Dayvid’s head underneath the water while Dayvid struggled for approximately 30 seconds before becoming still,” the document stated.

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Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office

Once he was dead, Andrew claimed he left the body in the tub for six minutes and pulled the plug to drain it while he found dry clothing. He then allegedly proceeded to wrap Dayvid’s body in a blanket from his room. He also admitted to using a cardboard box to carry his body to the dumpster before returning to his relative’s home to wait on the couch. He originally told police he fell asleep and awoke to the child missing.

Andrew also suffers from a form of autism, but has never been diagnosed and does not take any medication, according to his father. “They’re both autistic,” Randy Henckel said. “And my daughter told me they both connected very naturally. That’s what I was told. I’ve been talking with them every day since, during the week that he’s been there, and there were zero problems.”

He continued, “My grandson’s been murdered. My autistic son, who would never hurt a fly, has been sequestered since last night by the police. Apparently, they evoked a confession from him. He had no lawyer present. No family present.” Our thoughts are with the family during this difficult time.