When it comes to TV moms, no one was cooler than Kitty Forman on That '70s Show!

Played to perfection by Debra Jo Rupp, the nurse and mother figure for the gang on the popular TV show always brought the laughs along with her hilarious words of wisdom.

The perfect foil to no-nonsense husband Red Forman, Kitty was the matriarch that kept the calm between Red and her kids, Laurie and Eric, even if she was a bit overprotective at times.

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In a fan-favorite episode titled "Parents Find Out," Kitty accused Donna of seducing her "poor boy" Eric and tricking him into having sex with her — though that was clearly not the case.

that 70s show getty

In another episode, she secretly gave Hyde, whom she always treated like her own son, dance lessons so he can go to the disco with his friends.

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Whether she's baking cookies or making a margarita, Kitty always brighten up the room with her positive energy — and, of course, her signature laugh.

"I think [being a] matriarch is in the stars now, given my age, but this is a different kind of role," Debra Jo recently said. "Kitty was ever cheerful…"

For a look back at Kitty's best mom moments, click through the gallery below!