Do You Remember ‘The Amanda Show’? Find Out What Happened to the Stars of ‘The Girls Room’

If you were a tween in the late ’90s, you probably remember Amanda Bynes‘ sketch comedy show, The Amanda Show. One of the most popular skits from the show was “The Girls’ Room,” a pre-Mean Girls parody of a bunch of popular girls who liked hanging out in the bathroom.

There were four reocurring characters — Amber, the popular girl; Tammy, the Southern exchange student from Tennessee; Sheila, the tough girl; and Debbie, the airhead who “liked eggs.”

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Today, all the actresses who played those roles are in their 30s! Watch the video to see what they’re up to today.

For Raquel Lee, who was a cast member on The Amanda Show and also played Sheila in “The Girls’ Room,” being cast on the hit Nickelodeon program was a dream come true — even though she was the only African-American in the cast.

“I was one of very many kids who auditioned for that role, and they were only giving one ‘black girl’ spot out, you know, especially at that time,” she said in 2017. “Television wasn’t as diverse as it is today.”

She also explained how the show made her realize she wanted to go into comedy. Since Nickelodeon, she’s been in other sitcoms like Proud Family and The Real Husbands of Hollywood.

“I went after a lot of different roles for Nickelodeon, but that was the one that stuck,” she said. “It was comedy and it was what I wanted to do.”

As for Amanda, her history has been a little rocky since her teen-show phase. Check out the gallery below to see her transformation through the years.